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fog catcher installation
Fog Catcher
Waxed linen, Redwood gutter, metal pole, and hardware
each 10'x10'x3"

According to Japanese legend, the immortal wizard “Sennin” performed miracles in his solitary existence, sustained only by the mountain fog that shrouded his days. A similar tale can be told of the California Coastal Redwood tree, also immortally old and miraculous in size and character, which derives a significant portion of its water supply from the atmospheric conditions so prevalent in summertime northern California. Fog Catcher, a site-specific work consisting of hand knotted nets positioned within the Redwood Grove, explores these two phenomena by both referring to them literally, as functional objects, and poetically, laden with imagery connected to these two themes. By grasping at the ephemeral and drawing attention to this phenomenon, this piece invites the viewer to share in this experience.